I purchased this product at Rakuten shop "Niche Rich Catch" in February 2015.

Price at the time of purchase was 1613 yen (+ shipping 500 yen).

Package on the front

Package on the front.

Body is the extent size larger than 100 yen writer, I surprised that it is a "gas torch"(not a writer) .

The back of the package

There is the product documentation on the back of the package.

Though characters are small, after all because it is the equipment to handle the fire, the description will need to read firmly.

Description of how to use

From the documentation, I grew a description of how to use.

As a minimum of use, remove the safety lock of ignition button, we catch fire by pressing the ignition button.

In addition, other important caveats that is written in the other part are,

  • Storage location must be equal to or less than Celsius 40 degrees.
    (A location that is high temperature or direct sunlight is not allowed)
  • Continuous use is up to 1 minute

the torch body and warranty

In a package, there are not only the torch body but also warranty.

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Gas torch body

The body of the

The body of the "slide gas torch ST-480" is, as mentioned above, in the extent size larger than normal 100 yen writer, fits comfortably in the palm.

Exterior are mostly made of plastic, but there is no delicate feel such as bends a little force.

Gas level confirmation window

"Gas level confirmation window" of the lower body.

Although we are hard to see the inside of the window in the photograph, the fact is sufficiently legible, and If tilted the body, I can also firmly check the surface of the liquid gas in.

Gas control knob and the gas filling port

Furthermore, under the there are a "gas filling port" and "gas control knob".(※Both I have not yet used.)

By adjusting the "gas control knob", it is possible to adjust the size of the flame.

Also, when using the "OD can" to fill the gas, it is necessary to prepare a separate "fill adapter (SOD-450)".

  • Slide gas torch ST-480 ("Shin-Fuji Burner" company in the site)

The back of the body

The back of the torch body.

How to use the "safety lock" is described legible.

Compared to the

Showed that side by side with "Nyoibou".

This "Nyoibou" is what I've been already using at work, but by buying this slide gas torch, I have finally noticed that it is a product of the same manufacturer.

However the "Nyoibou" is difficult to ignite, because the elasticity of the button is strong,

  • Nyoibou ST-416CR ("Shin-Fuji Burner" company in the site)

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Slide Pipe

When the slide pipe storage

I tried to extend the "slide pipe", the biggest feature of this product

This state is normal.

Extending the slide pipe

If we pull it out by holding the burner, we will easily stretch.

There is a light ratchet sense of Chitty Chitty, so this stretch part does not have to worry about, such as expansion and contraction by itself.

Fully extended state

The slide pipe when fully pull out is this length.

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The burner of the

This is the burner part.

It is a state, such as partially melted parts, it is probably to have been welded.

In actual use, I don't have any problem.

And release the safety lock

By sliding the ignition button, the safety lock is released.

The ignition state

Actually ignited state.

Unlike normal writer, the shape of the flame is stable and sharp.

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Discovery and purchase for work

I found this product "slide gas torch ST-480" at Rakuten Ichiba as for the ignition, such as propane gas cutter for Iron I have been using at work.
Before purchase, I researched the manufacturer, so it was a company that deal with outdoor products from the old days.

Although manufacturers completely different, I appreciate the LED lantern of GENTOS(these are similarly the products for outdoor), in the hope the reliability of the same kind in this slide gas torch, and I immediately purchased.

Uneven is a stability of use

At the time of this page maked, it has passed about two weeks from the start of use, and as a result I feel that it is "hit".

As follows points I feel that it is better.

  • Firm feeling of operation
    Ignition button, while response is firmly is not too hard, is very easy to press.
    The size and position and shape is also good, I can ignite freely even while wearing the leather gloves.
  • Stable flame
    Unlike writer for tobacco (fire wavering), because the shape of the flame is very stable, I can ignite a quick in propane gas torch.
  • Safety improvement
    The most important feature of the slide pipe can shove combustion part to approximately the same length as the torch body.
    Thus, the holding hand isn't needed too close to the burning portion of the propane gas torch, so sense of security is improved.
  • Body is robust
    Although the torch body is not as much as Zippo lighters made of metal, I felt robust than 100 yen writer.
    And, even when dealing with somewhat rough, I feel that it is enough to withstand.

Some drawbacks but insignificant thing

On the other hand, there are the following points as drawbacks.

  • It is difficult to visually recognize the fire
    Flame color is dark blue, and the size is small.
    So, in the case of bright environment, it is hard to check the ignition state in the eye.
    Once, because the sound of "daze" is in the ignition state, I think there is also a need to direct the consciousness to the sound at the time of use.
  • Attention to the lock state of the button
    "Safety lock" is the function to prevent to ignition suddenly, but in the state where this is worked, there is a concern that I break it by forcibly push.
  • Not ignite a single push of a button
    I can't ignite just one push of the button, I must press two times at least.
    ※But, the ignition button in the half-pressed state about one second, and then to push into place, I can ignition in one.
    In this case, however, until disappears flame (after release the finger from the button) , it will take some time.

But these difficulties, when compared to the ease of use that listed above, is trivial.

Confirmation future, such as long-term durability

Durability in long-term use is still unidentified, but because it is the product of long-established outdoor goods manufacturer, I expect that I can use as long as possible.

In addition, although the filling of gas is still inexperienced, when it is done in the future, and I will append to this page.

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